Her First Ball

Hello, everyone! Today, I will introduce you about one of the short story of Kathrine Mansfield.

The first one is about the story that a young woman go to her first ball. The “ball” means dance party. Her name is Laila, she used to lived in countryside. Moreover, this is her first time to join the dance party, her heart was filled with hopes and fears. When she arrived at the hall, she saw a number of beautiful things, the golden floor, the flowers, and the colored lights. Everything she saw and heard was new to her. She enjoyed dancing, and chatting with various people at the night.

Description of the gorgeous ball, full of vigor made me excited the same as Leila.

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The Little Governess

Hello, everyone. Today I will introduce you about “The Little Governess” written by Cathrine Mansfield.

A woman got into a “Ladies Only” carriage on the train at night. She was on a way to go to Munch to be a governess of a doctor’s family. This is her first time to go out of her home country so she is very nervous. Also some people treated her unpleasantly when she went through procedures of her travel. She felt depressed and alone. Then an old gentleman got into her carriage. He was very kind of her, and the little governess could feel happy and enjoy the conversation with the old gentleman.

This story seems like a heart-warming one at first glance, but actually it’s not such a story at the end. I want you to read this at the end. Thank you for reading my blog!


Hello, everyone! Today I will introduce you about “Pictures” written by Catherine Mansfield.

This story is about a woman, Miss Moss who seems an amateur actress. She is not so young and little bit fat lady.

One day, she woke up in the morning at a hotel. She didn’t have a dinner last night so she is hungry. But she can’t eat breakfast because she cannot afford to eat. Her landlady bring a letter to Miss Moss from a film company. The letter says “No suitable parts for a lady of your experience at present.” In addition, the landlady press Miss Moss to pay a rent because she don’t have enough money to pay. She dressed and then went to find a job.

This story is interesting but also hard to read because though Miss Moss is little bit old to go on the stage. Nevertheless, she persists in getting a job as an actress.

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The Garden Party

Hello, everyone! Today, I would like you to introduce about “The Garden Party.

The story starts a wonderful scene of preparation of the garden party. One beautiful day, Sheridan house held a garden party. They have a nice yard, and there are a number of flowers, luxurious meals. Laura, who is one of the Sheridan’s daughter is existing about the party. It seems that the party will be perfect at this time.

Suddenly, the family receive the news of a man’s death. The man who pass away lives near the Sheridan’s house. He has a wife and a lot of children but his family is so poor. When Laura heard the news, she was shocked, and try to cancel the party. But her mother and sister don’t take the man’s death seriously. Laura is the only one who lament the death of the man.

The story was interesting for me because the story developed in an unexpected direction. It is not long story so I recommend you to read it. Thank you for reading my blog!

Feuille d’Album

Hello, everyone! Today, I start to read new book. It is “The Garden Partly and Other stories” written by Katherine Mansfield. She is famous for short story and poem. Now, I will introduce about “Feuille d’Album” as a part of this book.

The story is about a man who is timid with people. He is very shy person. Also, he has the appearance of being about to burst into tears. Everyone regards him as a strange person. He lives a very tall building with a fine view and always draw pictures of the scenery from the window. He rarely go outside because he doesn’t mix well.

One day he saw a woman from the window. He was interested in the woman and then starts to observe her from the window.

This story is quite a short and there is no dramatical element, but it was interesting for me. I feel it is easy to imagine the situation of this story. Thank you for reading my book blog!

Wuthering Height #4 including special task

Hello, everyone! Today, I will tell you about my favorite quotation.

” He is more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same. ”

This is a word which Catherine said. I have never heard this kind of a passionate word, so this word left a strong impression on me. Heathcliff also said this sort of word in the story. However, they hurt each other despite they love each other so much because they are proud and selfish. I think this story have common with everyone.

I haven’t read through this book yet, so I will continue reading this. I am looking forward to knowing what is going to happen to them. Thank you for reading my last blog!

Wuthering Heights #3

Hello, everyone! I will start from where I left off.

Heathcliff spent hard time in his childhood. He was treated coldly by his family, and he became getting quiet and stubborn. However, he could spend happy time with Catherine. They became a good friends.

After a while, Catherine got to know a man named Edgar Linton. She became to hang out his house. Heathcliff didn’t go to his house because he was hated by Linton’s family. Despite Catherine and Heathcliff are attracted to each other, Catherine decided to get married Edger. Heathcliff disappeared without saying anything for her. Catherine felt sad when she knew the news.

A few years passed, Heathcliff suddenly returned wuthering heights. He was completely different from when he was a boy. He seems to be a gentleman and strong. The purpose which he came back to wuthering heights is to revenge for Edger.

I want to know about what is going yo happen to them, soon! Thank you for reading my blog.